About Us

Apollon, or “Áčko”, as the locals call it, is the first gay club founded in Slovakia. Since 1995, it has become a phenomenon of the Slovak and Czech LGBT community. From its earliest beginnings, it served as a “safe harbor” for all members of this community in the cold post-communist era. In its beginnings, the Apollon Club also operated a trust line for the entire LGBT community. We helped everyone who was oppressed and discriminated by society because of their orientation. Many years have passed since then and “Áčko” made history not only in the city, but also in the local club scene, where it gained respect. We have hosted several well-known DJs and singers. Today, Slovakia is already a more open and friendly environment, where young people do not have to hide and be ashamed of their orientation. We are proud to have been able to provide the LGBTI community with an environment where they feel safe and be themselves for more than 25 years. Welcome to Apollon Club, a place where you won’t be alone!